Next cohort begins on 25th June, 2022

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“This programme is highly recommended by me since I feel that managing uncomfortable conversations is a crucial skill for Executives. This programme has been carefully designed by KoeN MetaConsulting so that you can practise utilising simple, powerful ways to deal with challenging talks and difficult individuals.”

– Rupavahini Selvaraj, Vice President, NatWest Group, Chennai

“Before this program, I would not speak up much during meetings, but after attending DiffCons, I find that I am speaking freely. I have started applying the ‘recipe’ that we learned for preparing for difficult conversations. Doing this helped me obtain approval from my HOD for adding resources to meet project timelines, which would not have happened had I used my old approach of being argumentative and not listening to my HOD’s point of view.”

– Mallikarjuna Uppala, Senior Manager (Design) at an Aeronautics Firm, Hyderabad

– DiffCons Alumnus, Technical Architect at an IT Services Firm,



– DiffCons Alumnus, Senior Marketing Consultant,



Early Bird Deadline

Sun, Jun 05, 2022

Application Deadline

Sun, Jun 19, 2022

Program Starts

Sat, Jun 25, 2022


Program Fee

INR 38,000

(incl.18% GST)

Early Bird Offer

for payments on or before Jun 05

INR 29,000

(incl.18% GST)

Refund Policy

Cancellation or before Jun 19

Cancellation from Jun 20 to Jun 23

Cancellation from Jun 24




For Group/Referral Offers and any other clarifications, please contact:

Latha Vijaybaskar


Ashwin Bhandarkar



Where do I start ?

Handling relationships and negotiating outcomes can be
overwhelming. Let’s start with YOUR real-life situations and use a step-by-step process to get cracking.

How do I create buy-ins ?

All situations are not the same. But they all have certain common elements. Learn the underlying algorithm to get buy-ins, irrespective of the situation you are in.

How to make learning stick?

Learning need not stop at the end of a training program. Get the tools and mindset to create a plan for practice and stick to it.

What does it take to build trust ?

Trust is a two-way street. As a leader, learn to enhance your soft power to take the lead and create trust.


session dates Duration Coverage

Sessions 1 & 2

Saturday Jun 25

Sunday Jun 26

10 AM to 1:30 PM

3.5 hrs each

Pre-work. Context Setting. Case for Change. Program Demands & Agreements. Introduction to ‘Learning to Learn’. Relationship with Power. Mapping out your Difficult Situations/Difficult People. Group Discussions, Videos, Reflections.

Sessions 3 & 4

Saturday, Jul 02

Sunday, Jul 03

10 AM to 1:30 PM

3.5 hrs each

Problem/Conflict. Roots of Conflict. Hard and Soft Power. Trust. Gamified Role Plays. Behaviour Indicators. Reflections, Inquiries, Body Movement Activity, Playbook Exercises.

Sessions 5 & 6

Saturday, Jul 09

Sunday, Jul 10

10 AM to 1:30 PM

3.5 hrs each

Remapping your Difficult Conversations. Recipe for DiffCons. Priority and Power Elevator Pitch. Feedforward. Creating Critical Buy-Ins. Triad Discussions. Playbook Exercises. Videos, Reflections, Traction Plan.

Coaching 1 & 2


Monday, Jul 11 &

Sunday, Jul 31

1 hr each

Two sessions of 1-on-1 Coaching to handhold through your practice, to reflect on your real-life situations, and to reinforce your learnings.


Saturday, Aug 06

2 hrs

An informal huddle of participants for sharing success stories and to get inspiration and ideas from others.

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