Personal Transformation = Business Results

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Personal transformation has a broad definition and several aspects to it. Google helps you get a sense of this. When you search for personal transformation, the topics range from forgiving your past, to developing productive habits, to finding your life purpose, to leaving your comfort zone , to developing empathy for others, to…. the list goes on.

At a fundamental level, personal transformation is the ability to see the same old things in a completely new way. It is like acquiring a pair of lenses that make you see the world and most importantly yourself, in a different way. This in turn makes you generate new responses to the same old problems and situations. 

While this is fine, but can personal transformation lead to business results ? Or what kind of personal transformation is more directly helpful in achieving results we want to see in organizations ?

Let us take communication as an example. Personal transformation of the kind that lets you think and communicate with clarity, communicate to influence, understand and to empathize. On the face of it, it looks like skill building, but it takes a fundamental shift in how we think, feel and act.

When people say,

‘My team members have become more productive because I started delegating to them’ we know their desire to control has shifted.

‘I just did consultative selling to my client and they are going to send 2 new proposals to us’ , we know their power to influence has shifted.

‘I just got invited to be part of the client’s design team, because I was able to contribute to their decision making process’, we know their clarity in thinking and empathizing has shifted.

What kind of personal transformation has been relevant in your workplace ?

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