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Do psychometric type (MBTI/DiSc/Big5…) change over time?

Yes ! is the short (and fast) answer to the question raised by Damodar Padi here, which prompted this article. The philosophical answer is, “the more things change, the more they remain the same”. I am writing more assuming that we are interested in ‘Thinking Slow’ answers along with ‘Thinking Fast’ ones. The long (and slow) answer, […]

Meta-predictive Psychometrics: The Big Data of Psychology

All of us love to know more about ourselves and about others, and it is rare that a person doesn’t get drawn to a questionnaire promising an expansive insight. Even if it is in a salon magazine! Most corporate citizens get exposed to more formal versions of such questionnaires/inventories wrapped in unnecessary significance, compensated ironically […]

To 360 or not to 360, that isn’t the question !

As a leader of a business unit, or as the Talent owner of leadership as a whole, one is often confronted with this question – Should one go for a 360 degree feedback? Sensitivity concerns and logistical nightmares aside, there is always a sense of uncertainty that looms large, when a 360 is deliberated. Would it […]

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