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Traditional and Agile Methodologies: a Systems Perspective

The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a conceptual model used to develop information systems with well-defined phases. The phases are user requirements definition, system requirements definition, analysis and system design, system development, testing, implementation and maintenance. Some of the models are waterfall, spiral and rapid prototyping. These models are called plan-driven which lie in […]


India has been facing a jobless economic growth for more than a decade now. (See here and here This means that the economic growth is capital intensive but not labor intensive. The GDP growth rate is at an average of 7%, yet unemployment is growing. We have not been able to create enough […]

The Culture Ship-of-Theseus

Culture of an organisation is receiving an unprecedented attention inthe recent times. It is a welcome sign of our times, though neither all of this attention is all good, nor everything going under its umbrella valid. The phenomenon itself being abstract, if not totally fuzzy, can hardly be gauged with the same instruments of organisational […]

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