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19TH FEB 2022


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Late yesterday had to have a conversation with our client’s project manager because she was unhappy with the amount of work being completed by one of the developers on the project and she had requested to receive a refund for work that he had billed. I immediately thought about mapping out the conversation with her and playing Red/Green card game to flip her Trust and Safety cards back to green. In preparation for the call met with my Delivery Manager and gave her a quick overview of these techniques which she became interested in.

When the call happened, it really couldn’t have gone any better. Following the script put together to open the conversation without immediately shutting down her request for a refund really laid the groundwork for a productive call and helped prevent everyone from digging in their heals and getting defensive (one of my worst habits). In the end, our client agreed that a refund wasn’t necessary and there was a lot more done by the developer than what she had been told

I’ve had some pretty significant conflict with a colleague of mine for awhile now, but I can honestly say that the tactics we learned around conflict resolution have helped tremendously. In addition to that, the personality dichotomies have gotten me even further in dealing with the scenarios we face. During the reflecting time I set aside for myself I realized that I am so quick to point out negative things that this person is doing – but barely point out the positive things they do. I’ve realized that they are the type of person who really thrives on recognition and positive feedback, so me never empathizing with them or recognizing them for things that they have done well hasn’t helped the situation. We are all busy in our daily lives, but never too busy to tell someone when they’ve done something well and we’ve appreciated it. That’s a great (and easy) way to positively build a relationship. I can honestly say that our conflicts have seemed far less significant in working through all of these exercises, and I’m noticing new ways that these tools are coming through for me and helping me become a better communicator.


Where do I start ?

Handling relationships and negotiating outcomes can be overwhelming. Let’s start with YOUR real-life situation and use a step-bystep process to get cracking.

How do I create buy-ins ?

All situations are not the same. But they all have certain common elements. Learn the underlying algorithm to get buy-ins irrespective of the situation you are in

How to make learning stick?

Learning need not stop at the end of a training program. Get the tools and
mindset to create a plan for practice and stick to it.

What does it take to build trust ?

Trust is a two-way street. Being a leader, learn to enhance your soft power to take
the lead and create trust.


Weekend 1

Pre-work. Context Setting. Case for Change. Program Demands and Agreements. Introduction to ‘Learning to Learn’. Relationship with Power. Mapping out your Difficult Situations/Difficult People. Group Discussions, Videos, Reflections.

Weekend 2

Problem/Conflict. Roots of Conflict. Hard and Soft Power. Trust. Gamified Role Plays. Behaviour Indicators. Reflections, Inquiries, Body Movement Activity, Playbook Exercises .

Weekend 4

Remapping your Difficult Conversations. Recipe for Difficult Conversations. Priority and Power. Elevator Pitch. Feedforward. Creating Critical Buy-Ins. Triad Discussions. Playbook Exercises. Videos. Reflections, Traction Plan.

Weekend 4 & Weekend 5

Two sessions of 1-on-1 Coaching to hand-hold through your practice, reflect on your real-life situations and reinforce your learnings.



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19TH FEB 2022


13TH FEB 2022


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session 3 saturday 05th Mar 10am to 1.30pm 3.5
session 4 Sunday 06th Mar 10am to 1.30pm 3.5
session 5 saturday 12th Mar 10am to 1.30pm 3.5
session 6 Suynday 13th Mar 10am to 1.30pm 3.5
Coaching session 1 & 2 Between 19th and 02nd April Mutually agreed slots 2
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