Energy is your Winning Differentiator

We would like to start right away by asking you our favorite question. Whether BC, AC, or DC (Before, After and During Covid-19 respectively) it’s a vital question:

How many EMPS is your battery charged?

You may wonder what I am alluding to. Had I asked you how much is your phone battery or your car battery charged, you would immediately tell me.

Through EMPS we are speaking of these 4 batteries and the corresponding energies. Our own overall energy that we bring to any task, any relationship, any team, and our own life, is a resultant of these 4 energies. Our cognitive functions peak and trip on the supply from these.

How would you be if all four of your EMPS batteries were fully charged? What would happen if all four of these were fully discharged? What would happen if even one of these gets fully discharged? Is anything, anything at all, worth letting these deplete to red?

You, of course, you know the answers. And I am also sure that by stopping and asking these questions, something must’ve come in deeper focus for you.

Which of these is blinking and telling you that it needs an urgent recharge? And what are you waiting for?

During exceptional times like the present (and future-continuous), some of these batteries would get taxed more and would go out of their optimal charge. The very first thing to be done is to accept the reality of that. Only then can you move ahead nicely and mindfully.

For sure, you can’t recharge each of these all the time. But these batteries will always be the source of your energy. You are as good as the energy that you store and able to release it in your performance in an ongoing way. That is where the opportunity is.

We invite you to start off the recharge process by looking at 2 basic aspects of each of these batteries: Body and Breath for Physical; Emotions and Relationships for Emotional; Mind and Matter for Mental; and finally, Sleep and Serenity for Spiritual.

For each of these 8 aspects, you can start off your recharge through the quick primers we are sharing with you.


Stretch, strengthen, and sweat. Stretch your body, and it will stretch your mind. When you sweat, it detoxes your body. Open your pores, and it opens your mind. Why, there is also a rush of Endocannabinoids, “The Bliss Molecule” neurotransmitter, for that final nudge from neuroscience

You can tune into youtube videos of Zumba/Aerobics/Pilates if you need an external stimulation and guidance to start. While you watch the beaming trainers on-screen doing simple movements effortlessly, you can also collect additional spike in your humility. That happens when different lumps of your body flab will follow the effortless movement of beaming trainers on-screen. In slow motion.

OR Walk. Complete your 10,000 steps. It is one wholesome exercise and if you are doing it inside your house, you kill two birds with one stone: you also get on the nerves of others in the house, get into a useless argument, and can be entertained for the next few hours. The advantage here is you can feel genuinely confused or righteous. (see our article on time structuring for more.) If you have a treadmill, don’t disturb the towels that are left on it to dry. It would not work after so many years anyway!

OR do the dishes-sweep-mop-hand-wash linen! In addition to the bliss molecule from above, you also collect neurotransmitter Dopamine, “The Reward Molecule”, every time you complete your pile of dishes. And the pile of pots and pans and spatulas and “what-on-earth-is-that”s!

You can also collect some invaluable drops of these molecules if you clean the mugs that your spouse dumps on you just when you are done with the pile and wiping the sink. Or not!


Just watch your breath as you inhale and exhale. Call it by a fancy name – Mindful Breathing! Smile. And go back to watching your breath.

Psychology Today says it is better than reading a book. Mindful breathing releases GABA, the Anti-Anxiety neurotransmitter, making your system fortified for better decisions and sensemaking.

OR every few hours, take a pause. Breathe-in to the count of 5, Breathe-out to the count of 10. Hold to the count of 3 in between. Feel free to call this also mindful breathing, without any serious legal or ecological implications! This practice does a fabulous job for your lung capacity. It eventually floods your system with larger doses of oxygen that your brain so badly needs to avoid that brain fog! djohuvhfvbLAKscmndvb ndkadnhabhbc!! this kind of brain fog or its much more deceptive, harmless-looking versions which you and I have in the forms of logical fallacies and cognitive blocks.

OR Practice some serious Pranayam. On second thoughts, if you are going to be practicing it too seriously and without smiling at all, well – Don’t!

You can’t suddenly win the Olympic gold in any of these. But do start.

Be authentic. Start from where you are. Know yourself before you stretch yourself.

Tune into your regimen. Also take on something new.

If you end up doing it the other way round, that’s fine too.

Start ambitiously.

Take the feedback from your

body, mind, emotions, and sleep.

Recalibrate instead of beating yourself or completely giving up.

Energy differentiation will make you win. Not fancy courses. Not information/learning overload. Or performance anxiety.

We have shared these primers along with the overarching paradigm with you. We continue in the next parts of the series with the EmotionalMental, and Spiritual Batteries.

In case there is anything specific, do feel free to reach out to any of us from KoeN. We are committed to supporting you either ourselves or if needed, through our strong network of related professionals.

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